EOLIS Euler Hermes

"EOLIS: For dynamic management of your risk"

EOLIS is your dedicated online credit management service. It is devoted to helping you manage and administer your credit insurance policy easily and efficiently. Due to the amount of functionality included in the system, we have developed this guide to help you become more familiar with EOLIS.

Introduction . How can you access EOLIS?


EOLIS has been designed for Internet Explorer / Netscape Navigator, versions 5.5 and above.

EOLIS and pop-up blockers

EOLIS does not work when a pop-up blocker is activated. If you have trouble accessing EOLIS, it is possible that your internet settings are preventing the website from loading properly. In most cases, your pop-up blocker will alert you and allow you to "Always accept pop-up blockers from this site".

Otherwise, you can change this manually:

Chrome Internet Explorer "Pop-up Blocker">"Turn-off Pop-up Blocker"
Chrome Google Toolbar To allow pop-ups, just click Toolbar's Pop-up Blocker button
Firefox Firefox Content>uncheck "Block Pop-up windows"