EOLIS Euler Hermes

"EOLIS: For dynamic management of your risk"

EOLIS is your dedicated online credit management service. It is devoted to helping you manage and administer your credit insurance policy easily and efficiently. Due to the amount of functionality included in the system, we have developed this guide to help you become more familiar with EOLIS.

Your Homepage

Your Homepage
Limits Non-payment Policy information Decisions of requested credit limits of this month Pending credit limit requests
  1. My bookmarks: Add direct links to pages you visit frequently (i.e. coverage requests, past due reports…).
    You can add maximum 6 links.
  2. Notice board: View Euler Hermes' latest news and announcements.
  3. Useful links: Quickly access the site map of EOLIS, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Assistance and the Help guide.
  4. My policy list: Most users will only have one policy to manage. However, for those with multiple policies, we’ve created easy access to the 5 you use most. Select the Edit button in order to add or remove a policy to your list.
    Note This list is static and completely controlled by the user. When your policy expires and a new policy is put in force, you will need to remove the old policy from the list and add the new one with the Edit function.
  1. Customer card: Get an overview of your latest selected buyer.